Emiel Stöpler

Emiel Stöpler

Dutch composer, acoustic guitarist and author

Welcome! I'm Emiel Stöpler: a guitarist, composer and author from the Netherlands. As such, I have written a great deal for guitar, however, I also wrote for other combinations, like violin and guitar, guitar trio, mandolin orchestra, string quartets, many string trio's (violin, viola and cello), brass quintet, woodwind quintet, string orchestra, piano and full orchestra.

My music has been performed in the concert hall both in the Netherlands and abroad (Sweden, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium and Turkey). In addition, my music has also been used in video productions .

Besides being a professional musician, I work in a historical archive and am also a published author. My first book was released by the Dutch Publisher SWP books (Amsterdam) in 2007.

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. It is possible to request a composition; I write effectively for both amateur and professional ensembles. Please contact me for further details: info [at] emielstopler [dot] nl (replace the "at" and the "dot" to make a real email address.)

For further information, YouTube and Mp3 samples of my work, please go to my website: www.emielstopler.nl .

Nearly all sound samples that accompany my sheet music files here on MusicaNeo, are actual studio or live recordings (not midi files), so you can get a good impression of the piece.

ultimas partituras
Triptych for Mandolin Ensemble
Clássico / Crossover
Coming Home
Jazz / Instrumental
A Last Goodbye
Jazz / Bossa nova
Aragorn (classical guitar and violin)
Clássico / Crossover
The Peasant Wedding
World / Etnico / Irlandesa
Jazz / Instrumental
Simple Invention (solo guitar)
Jazz / Instrumental
Avond in Schaddeberge (Solo Guitar)
Jazz / Instrumental
Melody (Guitar Duo)
Jazz / Instrumental
Steenbrugge Ouverture (Guitar Duo)
Clássico / Instrumental